Power Spot Electric has two fully stocked 1 Ton Bucket Vans. The Vans have a working platform of 29 feet that can support 300 pounds. With full Hydraulic Controls and 120 volt generator. Vans have Safety Strobe Lights and are stocked with 28 inch Safety Cones. When Boom is collapsed it has a 10 foot stored clearance.

If you have a problem with Birds roosting Power Spot Electric can install Polly Spikes- Bird Barrier Remember Pigeon nests attracted parasites and other pests Bird droppings can make your Home or Business unsightly.

If you need to have a Advertising Banner or Temporary sign installed Power Spot Electric can take care of that for you. If you have pole mount Flags we provide a install and take down service.

We are California State licensed contractors that are Trained to Service and Repair Fluorescent, Neon, and LED signs Did You Know Power Spot Electric is also a State Licensed General Contractor.

  • Lighting Maintenance & Repair
  • Cities
  • Schools
  • New installations
  • Pole light damage repair
  • Lighting controls
  • Retro-fits
  • Lighting Maintenance Contracts
  • Retail Centers
  • Re-Lamp Re-Ballast
  • Exterior/ Interior Lighting
  • Fluorescent Sign Repair
  • Restaurant Outlets
  • Industrial Complexes
  • Energy Rebates Programs – SCE and DWP

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